Sea Freight


Service Overview

Consign Global offers its customers the best Ocean Freight Services as Freight Forwarders with complete satisfaction and security. This not only makes us unique and the best option for our valued customers but also the trusted organization as Consign Global holds and clear and clean past for its services and the secure provision of the products of its customers.

Ocean Import :

When you are planning for a huge quantity and your budget is also very low, you need to choose ocean import product, Consign Global Logistics having its own Agents all over the world is providing complete services from pick up to your warehouse with the product you are not saving your money in shape of freight but also in shape of excess value for duties as well, we are one window operation service provider. So we are well aware how we can save your money at different points, With our cost saving calculator you also need to make sure that your goods are in safe hand and are reaching you well in time. We are having consolidator movement  from all over the world for your LCL/LCL, FCL/FCL, LCL/FCL, Break Bulk and RO/RO import shipments to Pakistan, With our own tracking system you can track your shipment every day to know exact location of your goods.                                             

Once you shipment reach Karachi port we thoroughly follow up with port operations so that it can be reached warehouse for custom process well in time , With our own network of international agents you can rely on us for our valued products. When it comes to FCL/FCL movment our agent are having very good contractual rates with all shipping lines.

Ocean Export :

When it comes to ocean  it means your are going to connect with the rest of the world through Ocean. For Ocean Transport there are two ports in Pakistan, One is Karachi and other is  Gawader. At the moment Karachi  port is operating if you are planning to move your goods by Ocean you need to know vessel planning of fastest shipping line for your desired destination and most importantly a reliable carrier. We at Consign Global Logistics can assist you for  all your basic needs for ocean movement of your goods. We have a office at Karachi port which is core need for movement of by Ocean shipment. 

We have a good contractual rates with all big shipping lines, Either your goods are LCL /LCL or FCL/FCL don’t worry we will provide you complete assistance for from stuffing till delivery with best and cost effectively routing, By hiring experienced team they know how to get cheaper rate from the market along with best services, We provide complete services from pick up to delivery of goods till your customers warehouse. So you can choose us for one window operations of your ocean export shipment. As we are PIFFA approved company so our HBL is also insured their is no need to get separate insurance for your goods.  

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